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S^!t Will Happen

S^!t Will Happen A short while ago, a friend of mine posted a meme that read: Shit will happen. Life will suck. It’s how you handle it that makes the difference. This is an age-old lesson, taught by many. The […]


Seeker “Why are we here, Mystic one? What is the meaning of life?” The Seeker sat at the foot of the Swami in rapt attention. “The answer to your question lies in the question itself, my child.” The Seeker gave […]

Emotional Octane

Emotional Octane There is a commonly agreed upon belief in the Law of Attraction community that what we focus on, grows. The concept behind this is that thoughts create things, and the more thought you offer on a subject, the […]

New Problems Require… A 4×4?

New Problems Require… A 4×4? I love the personal growth arena. There’s maybe nothing better than when some important realization snaps into place and you know inside that you’re better off for it. But, how does this happen? What’s the […]

What is Family?

This article was inspired by a recent Facebook post about a woman whose mother and sister have been treating her as if she was a liar and a bad person since she was 7 years old. Since I have no […]

Unexpected job loss

It’s supposed to make us freak out. Especially as we get older. And the longer we’ve been in that career, the more dramatically it will play out. It’s what the “experts” say will happen. After all, if a man links […]

Change isn’t coming… It’s here!

Have you ever noticed how some people thrive on change (or even full-on chaos), while others seem to be completely undone by the slightest deviations to the norm? How about people who create drama throughout their lives, but don’t handle […]

Quit Comparing and Complaining

Like most of the rest of the modern world, I regularly find myself spending too much time on Facebook. Today’s over-indulgence has resulted in this post. Toward the end of the last presidential election cycle, I went thru my FB […]

Let’s Stop Empowering People

All over the Internet (at least MY little corner of it), there is a LOT of talk lately about empowering. Mostly, I see it coming from (female) life coaches, and is aimed at women; empowering women to fulfill their potential; […]