Who Am I?

I’m a regular guy, raised in a working-class family, who figured out that the way we experience the world – including our place in it and what we contribute to it – is entirely dependent on 2 things:
1)  What we put our attention on
2)  The information we allow into our minds

Consider This...

Imagine that you live on a street where one side of the road is nothing but devastation, and you spend 40 or 50 years looking at it, unable to see what’s on the other side.

What would your impression of life be?

Now imagine you live on the other side of the street.  Here, your daily view looks entirely different…

Again, for 40 or 50 years, you can’t see the other side of the road.

NOW how do you think you’d view the world?

One street.  Two different perspectives.

That’s how simple it is.  What you put your focus on, and the information you allow into your mind – devastation or paradise – determines your perspective.

Your perspective determines how you feel.

How do YOU feel right now?  How do you WANT to feel?

My Story

Too many life coaches simply don’t tell you much about their background on their websites.  Instead, they rely on slick visual presentation to convince you to hire them.  I feel that if you connect with my story, you’re more likely to take what I have to say to heart, and THAT means you’re more likely to improve your life.  With that in mind, here’s a little about me…

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, a hugely blue collar part of the world.  It’s a mindset I understand and a culture that I relate to, even more than 30 years after leaving the area.

In 1987, I moved to San Diego, California.  Shortly afterward, I went to school and began working in the computer support industry.  In that field, it’s common to work as a contractor (employed by a staffing agency, but providing services to another company), and I spent more than 20 years doing so.

In early February, 2013, I was working at the New York Life Insurance Company general office in San Diego, and I got a phone call from my rep at the agency I was employed by.  “They said to tell you that today is your last day.”  There honestly wasn’t much more to the conversation.  After nearly 15 years on the job, I was let go without warning or thanks.

 I didn’t work again for almost 2 years.  The accepted wisdom about situations like this is that I would become depressed, anti-social, withdrawn.  After all, a middle-aged man’s job is supposed to be an extension of his identity, and that job had been yanked out from under me.  But I DIDN’T get depressed.  To the contrary, I felt freed!  Released!

Then I questioned why that was.  The answer was in the information I’d been consuming and ideas I’d been exposed to since I was a kid.  I was lucky; my mother was a seeker of answers all her life, and in her search, she investigated all kinds of different things, and shared them with me.

As a result, I was exposed to different ways of viewing the world – perspectives that suggested I was in control of my life, and that I could be happy, no matter my circumstances.  I ate this stuff up, because it was interesting and positive-minded – something I was NOT being exposed to in my environment.  (My mother, for all of her searching, was never willing to accept responsibility for HER part in creating her circumstances, and died convinced that she was a victim of the Universe, so this was part of the programming I had to battle against.)

These ideas had helped me to change my own perspective on life.  I didn’t see things the way the “experts” said I would or should.  I viewed my job loss as something to be thankful for!  This was a perspective shift that I KNEW could change lives for people I knew, and from that point on, I began working toward helping other people to see how THEY could be happier, too. 

But, can YOU do it?

Want to know the best news about all of this?  Nothing else in a person’s life needs to change!  Only their perspective.  Only the thoughts they think about their world.  This is why poverty-stricken people can be happy and super-rich people can be miserable.  They have different ways of viewing the world.

YES, Virginia!  It’s that simple!

But simple is not always easy.  We’re talking about changing programs in your mind that you’ve been reinforcing for decades, so there IS work involved.  But – more good news! – the work pays dividends quickly, and you’ll get excited about the possibilities (which makes the work easier to do!).

What I’m telling you here is that if I can do it, you can do it, too.  No exceptions.  The only thing that can get in your way is YOU, and I can help you to deal with him/her.  So, if you’re ready to find out more, or if you think you’re ready to move forward, I’d like you to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation conversation with me.  CLICK HERE to schedule a day & time slot that works for you, and we’ll see if it makes sense (for BOTH of us) to move forward.