Do, Have, Be

My mission is to help people to feel better about who they are, where they are in life, and what they’re contributing to the world around them.

So often, kids especially feel lost, and as if their lives are out of control.

My message to them is that you can DO, HAVE or BE anything you want.

With both kids and adults, I help them to discover for themselves just how easy it can be – and just how much POWER they have!

The biggest, baddest, most powerful lesson any of us can learn is that we can DO, HAVE or BE anything we want.  Without restrictions.  Without caveats.  Without pre-requisites.

Still, there’s a problem…

This idea is SO big that we have huge resistance to accepting it.  It doesn’t FIT into our paradigms for how the world works.  It goes AGAINST what we “know” is true.  It challenges our notions of what’s real and realistic.  “Oh, sure,” we think.  “It might be possible for THEM, but not for ME.”

Consequently, we don’t believe.  We don’t even try, most of the time.  And if we DO try, we often find ways to do things that sabotage our own plans.

But there are ways to begin to believe...

There are ways to make progress toward the things that we want.  There are ways to DO the things we dream of doing; to HAVE the things we dream of having; to BE the bigger, more successful, more fulfilled, more accomplished, more respected person we dream of being.

Whatever you’ve done in life, whatever you have, whoever you’ve become to this point, you didn’t do it overnight.  It took time, effort, energy.  Most of it was probably done without intention, but it took place just the same.

Changing your “reality” will take time, effort and energy, too, but with vision, tools and understanding of how things work, it can happen in MUCH less time, and it can FEEL like overnight. This is the message I bring.

Mixing humor, quantum physics, physical demonstrations and more, I help my audiences plant the seeds of their greater futures, and then send them home with practical tools to tend their gardens.

This is my primary talk.  Also available:

    • Preparing for and dealing with adversity and change  –  The Universe IS going to dump some “stuff” on you in the course of your life.  In fact, EVERYTHING in your personal and professional life is in the process of changing.  You can anticipate it, and exercise influence over it, or you can ignore/deny it and let it run you over.
    • The Decision Factor    How to turn the simple key that unlocks your dreams. Why desire is not enough.