The Universe Between Your Ears

I’m a member of an Abraham-Hicks meetup.  We have great conversations, but too often I found myself frustrated that they didn’t go deep enough.  There was more to talk about, lights to turn on, deeper meanings to be discovered.

So, I invited my friend Gabi Musheyev to join me as co-captain on…

Every week, we get to dive deep into topics that interest us and – HOPEFULLY! – you.  We talk with authors; entrepreneurs; life coaches; sex therapists; educators; survivors of cancer, addiction, wildfires, suicidal thoughts and more.

It’s not your typical interview show.  From the beginning, we knew that asking a staged list of questions would be boring; for us AND for our audience. 

So, we have conversations, because it’s in conversation that new thoughts are generated and new ideas are spawned. It’s also in conversation that we wander off track and fall down sometimes bizarre rabbit holes – you’ve been warned!

Find us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.  Or, visit the website by CLICKING HERE.
This is also the place to go if you want to be a guest on the show!

I’m excited to announce a brand new show I’ll be launching soon – target date is October 1st.  The Personal Growth Podcast will feature a mix of guest appearances, solo teaching presentations by me.  I’m also toying with a couple of other ideas that would be fun to implement.

Personal growth is an aspect of life that can sometimes feel daunting, if you’re not confident about what your next step should be.  But the rewards can be greater than anything your physical world can provide.  These are ideas I never get tired of talking about, and I’m hoping to inspire YOU to look into them.

I’m very interested to know what areas you’d like to see addressed, and to hear your questions, so please don’t be shy!