Mindset Missionary

What the heck is a Mindset Missionary?

Our worlds are about as wonderful – or as ugly – as we want them to be.  It’s true.  What you focus your conscious mind on DETERMINES how you feel.

Did you get that?  How you FEEL about your world is DECIDED by what you pay attention to.  And the truth is that you can’t feel bad when you are witnessing joy or beauty.

If you’re giving your full attention to puppies playing, birds singing, children laughing, waves crashing on the beach, snowflakes landing on your tongue – or any other event of simple purity – you simply can’t feel bad.  In fact, there is a connection that is made between your higher self and that which you are witnessing.  In essence, you are participating in that event, even if it’s on film or in a book.

What do YOU focus on?  Do you worry about how dark the clouds are?  Or do you look for the opportunities they bring?  There is potential for personal growth in EVERY struggle, EVERY hurdle.  But it’s up to US to look for it.  That’s where mindset comes into play.

What are the predominant thought patterns in your mind?  Do things happen TO you?  Or do they happen FOR you?  Are they ONLY problems, or do they give you a chance to see or learn something new?  Your mindset determines the answer to those questions.

My growing mission in life is to help other people see how their thoughts control their actions, because their actions decide their futures.  THAT’S a Mindset Missionary.

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